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don't kick the can down the road

From: domainremoved <Patti>
Date: Tue, 6 Dec 2016 16:36:15 -0800

Dear Mayor Cline and Councilmembers,

Please do not kick the can down the road by simply approving the General
Plan and zoning updates tonight. You need to make commitments to do at
least the following ASAP:

1. Plan for, fund, and implement Infrastructure improvements to support the
massive growth you have been approving. This includes a greatly improved
transportation infrastructure that supports motor vehicles, bicycles,
pedestrians; new transit options; and more recreational and library
facilities. It should be obvious that the General Plan should provide new
places for playing fields, and that will require more land to support 50%
population growth between now and 2040 but it does not.
[Hats off to councilmember Mueller for highlighting the need to do address
transportation BEFORE you approve even more growth]

2. Implement the new green and sustainable building standards citywide. It
isn't good enough to apply these just in the M-2 area. If you approve the
Final EIR tonight, you will be explicitly admitting the General Plan will
worsen climate change and greenhouse gas emissions despite city goals to
the contrary..

3. Modify zoning rules to address the housing shortage that exists now and
will get worse because you are simply reaffirming current zoning in the the
rest of Menlo Park. In light of modern business practices, the amount of
non-residential growth in ALL mixed use zones, including the new R-MU,
allow development that would worsen the shortage. If you approve the
General Plan and Zoning updates, you will be approving a worsened housing
shortage in our city, and worsening traffic at the same time (a better
balance improves congestion).
Many of your constituents have pleaded for phasing so that more housing is
available, but to no avail.

The General Plan is supposed to guide growth for the next 25 years. If you
do not attend to matters like these, you are just kicking the can down the
road, and worsening the traffic congestion, housing shortage, quality of
life, safety, and environment in the process. A review in two years will be
too late.

You can do better than kicking the can down the road.

Patti Fry
Received on Tue Dec 06 2016 - 16:40:28 PST

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