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Constant problems with The Cuckoo's Nest

From: domainremoved <Andres>
Date: Tue, 29 Nov 2016 17:29:08 -0800

Dear Menlo Park City Council Members and Manager,

Ever since the tenants in 68 Willow Rd opened their social club "The
Cuckoo's Nest", the neighbors on both sides of the Creek have been
complaining of the noise from the Cuckoo's off-hours events. The Cuckoo's
Nest has also surrounded the building and exceedingly decorated their patio
with bright lights that stay lit until late in the evening.

We, the neighbors, have NEVER had any problems with any of the previous
tenants that have come and gone in this and nearby buildings. All previous
business tenants have always been very respectful of the residential areas
that surrounded them. We were able to come back home and enjoy the
peaceful natural sounds and light of the Creek area. Unfortunately, the
Cuckoo's Nest has completely disregarded any of the neighbors' previous
complaints and our rights for peace and quietness. The Cuckoo's Nest keeps
throwing social events with all the noise and bright lights lasting until 9
pm or later.

We have been complaining about this for almost a year. We have written
letters to the City Council Members, City Manager, and City Attorney. The
Cuckoo's Nest evening events go against the provisions adopted by Menlo
Park City zoning rules to promote peace and comfort, and to preserve and
extend the charm and beauty inherent to the residential character of the
City. It is not peaceful, comforting, or charming to come back home after
a day of work and have to listen for hours the chit-chat and the drinking,
and to look out at the circus lights against what used to be the pitch
blackness of the Creek tree line.

I am asking you to please put limitations on the Cuckoo's Nest's events and
lightning. We are requesting that all noise and light pollution ends by 6
pm. All businesses in this zoning area are closed by this time. That
gives the Cuckoo's Nest more than enough day hours to hold their events
without disrupting the neighborhood. There are many other areas in Menlo
Park where they could hold their social off-hours events without disrupting

I request your thoughts on this matter. Thank you for your consideration
and cooperation.

Andres Mediavilla
Received on Tue Nov 29 2016 - 17:33:30 PST

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