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Need GPU Approval Tonight

From: domainremoved <John>
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2016 00:06:35 +0000

Mayor Cline and Members of the City Council,
I am feeling under the weather and will not attend tonight’s hearing. But I want to provide some remarks on the General Plan Update. I've also asked Knight Knight to speak for Facebook tonight.
What you have before you tonight is a Plan, collaboratively developed with property owners and the community. It will help unlock solutions that will ultimately improve the quality of life in the Belle Haven neighborhood and the whole of Menlo Park, by focusing on sustainable development, regional collaboration, and economic benefits.
More importantly, unless we enable new housing and increased density in the M-2 area, the real solutions to the shared traffic/transportation challenges we’re facing will be deferred. The result is that Menlo Park will be put at a disadvantage relative to its neighboring jurisdictions, who share responsibility in solving regional transportation and housing problems.
It’s also important to remember that the General Plan Update is fundamentally a policy document, not a final action plan. We think staff has done a very good job in laying out what will come next: a comprehensive traffic update to support the proposal. The Plan does not approve any specific projects. Rather, it sets the stage for responsible growth, and avoids the inevitable problems occasioned by further delaying the process or doing nothing at all.
This is a complex process, but we need to keep moving forward. Approving the plan is the necessary first step.

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