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thank you for bike lane / pedestrian access enhancements

From: domainremoved <Sylvia>
Date: Wed, 16 Nov 2016 20:21:01 -0800

Hi City Council,

I am writing to thank you for recent work in making Menlo Park friendlier
for cyclists and pedestrians. The pedestrian lead interval on the light at
Laurel and Ravenswood, the new signs on Oak Grove marking the bike routes
-- these things really matter and are a big part of what makes Menlo Park a
great, livable community.

For me, choosing to bike and to walk is a choice for my own health, the
health of the planet, and the health of my community. When I am walking or
biking, I get to wave to my neighbors, easily run errands downtown, and in
general participate more in whatever is happening around me. It's great to
see the city feels similarly about promoting health, safety, and community
by supporting bikes and pedestrians.

Thank you.

Sylvia Smullin
Received on Wed Nov 16 2016 - 20:26:20 PST

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