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Drones and UAVs at Bedwell Bayfront Park

From: Chris MacIntosh <"Chris>
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2016 09:54:28 -0700

Dear Mayor Cline, Mayor Pro Tem Keith and Members of the City Council:


I write to urge you to ban drones at Bedwell Bayfront Park.


There are many reasons: for example, the constant whine they emit; how they
scare wildlife in the park and, if they stray, wildlife in the surrounding
National Wildlife Refuge; the potential for an injury accident, or for
starting a fire.


Some of these reasons are applicable to all city parks. But this park is
unique in Menlo Park. It was established as an open space park for passive
recreation, not a place for active sports.


I value walking there for its lack of urban hustle and bustle. The other
people I see enjoying it - older people, parents with babies or small
children, fathers teaching a child to ride a bike, runners, friends catching
up with each other on a walk - aren't those who enjoy having drones whining
overhead. I've seen drones flying from all corners of the park, several
flying at once, so this really does remove much of the peace and quiet that
I value.


As you will have noted, many other cities and park districts have banned
them. That will drive an increasing number of users to those parks and open
spaces which have not yet instituted rules - such as Bedwell Bayfront Park -
and exacerbate the above-noted problems. You will hear from others who want
to be able to fly drones and UAVs - these will be the ultra-responsible
users, not the many who will not seek out codes or conduct or fly more
responsibly, though still noisily and invasively to those who seek quiet
enjoyment of open space along the bay.


I urge you to value that lack of noise and high-energy activity, and to ban
drones in order to preserve the peace and relaxation offered by Bedwell
Bayfront Park.


Thank you.

Chris MacIntosh

Resident of North Fair Oaks

Received on Tue Aug 23 2016 - 10:00:51 PDT

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