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Oak Grove Bike Project - Support from 40 Residents

From: domainremoved <Diane>
Date: Tue, 19 Jul 2016 00:03:17 +0000

Dear City Council Members and staff,
We are very pleased to see the Update on the Oak Grove Avenue, Crane Street, and University Drive bicycle improvement project on the City Council agenda. Menlo Spark strongly supports this project, which is a key safe route to school and is likely to reduce traffic and the pollution that comes with it. We wanted to share with you the support of forty more people who live in or near Menlo Park. Please find attached and listed below the names of forty individuals who support the Oak Grove project and safe bike routes in Menlo Park. They have signed the attached petition on June 15th, 2016.
Thank you for your commitment to implement this important safe route to schools within the next year.
Warm regards,
Diane Bailey

Diane Bailey | Executive Director
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June 15, 2016 Petition for Safe Bike Routes in Menlo Park
The City of Menlo Park has made great strides improving bike routes, bike safety and bike parking. Please continue ensuring safe routes to school for students on bikes.

When it is safe to walk, bicycle, and take public transit to neighborhood schools, our children are healthier, our streets are safer for everyone, and our community thrive. Safe routes to school create healthier kids who are ready to learn; kids equipped with crucial safety education; and safe neighborhood streets for all residents. In the coming months, the City of Menlo Park has an opportunity to make the lives of hundreds of people of all ages - including kids - healthier and safer by moving forward quickly with the Oak Grove - University Bike Boulevard.
I support the Oak Grove-University and other safe bike routes to school in Menlo Park.

Name Address
Clayton Birkes 1519 Mariposa Ave
Eddie Ives 648 College Ave
Whitney Parkinson 4151 Baker Ave
David Mineau 932 Timothy
Diana Arevalos 1427 S. B Street
Allison Lampas 25 Willow Road
Avani Khatri 1210 Hoover St.
Tisho Georgiev 844 Roble Ave
Jennifer Raymud 299 W. Campus Dr.
Manuela Velasquez 320 Stanford Avenue
Ariel Sullivan 320 Newbridge St
Erin Sanchez 725 Stanford Ave
Russel Wong 271 Hedge Rd
Celina Chow 75 Oak Haollow Way
Clara Dewey 1161 Werth Ave
Vasey Hargreaves 346 Marmona Dr.
Sam Ward 1290 Sharon Park Dr. #51
Julie Sequeira 410 Gilbert
Fran Compagno 1970 Oakdell Dr.
Daniel Vale Pedriero 230 Oak Ct.
Jessica Gilmartin 346 Santa Monica Ave.
Lewis Knall 2140 Cedar Ave.
Reza Kassayan 61 Parker
Mike Hickam 1466 San Antonio
Cindy Welton 1318 Bellan Way
Michelle Meyer 479 Waverley St.
Molly Christenson 936 Alice Lane
Julie Borra 304 Robin Way
Philip Grant 964 University Drive
Bill Kirsch 872 Partridge Rd
A Lopatin
Holly Newman 812 Creek Dr.
Helen Gordon 1360 Hillview
Skylar Van Sijll 3931 Jefferson Ave
Sarah Ordaz 837 Roble Ave. #4
Scott Rosenski 837 Roble Ave. #4
Robert Wood 18 Meadow Lane
Eric Dahlstrom 210 Waverly St. Apt. 6
Greg Hyde 1449 Laural St.
Akash Sahni 613 Middle Ave.
Tracy Cropper 1508 San Antonio Ave. #G

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