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Mr. Taylor's Confusion

From: domainremoved <gabrielle>
Date: Thu, 7 Jul 2016 12:46:23 -0700

Hi Chip,
Welcome back to the City of Menlo Park and congratulations on your new job as Assistant City Manager. In reading the San Jose Mercury article this morning by Kevin Kelly, I notice that, at the time you spoke to Mr. Kelly you were under the impression that it was unclear as to whether the City had received a comment letter from Envision Transform Build - EPA to the Facebook Notice of Preparation of the E.I.R in 2015.

"Chip Taylor, Menlo Park's Assistant City Manager, said Wednesday the city was still determining whether it received a letter from the coalition last year, but added that all the group's concern's nevertheless are addressed in the report." (S.J. Mercury 11/7/16)

This reminds me of the well known first year law school argument: "I never borrowed your lawn mower, but when I returned it, it wan't broken."

I believe that proof of the City’s receipt of the letter in question was attached to the July 5, 2016 letter from Envision Transform Build - EPA to the City of Menlo Park asking for an extension of 15 days. Here it is attached in case your office is still having a difficult time locating it.

There isn't much room for confusion when you read that Associate Planner Kyle Perata acknowledges receipt of the comments to the Facebook N.O.P. on July 20, 2015. In the event you have not seen the San Jose Mercury Letter, I have attached a link for you. It is understandable that errors of this kind can occur in the City’s Planning Department what with two major planning processes being worked on at the same time. Had the Council directed the Planning Department to focus on the General Plan update first and see it through to its adoption before taking on the Facebook expansion, there could have been a more in depth analysis of these two very important land use issues and the impacts that our community will experience for years to come.

As was said so well in 2015 The Committee To Complete The Refuge comment letter to the Facebook N.O.P.

"It is a concern that backroom decisions between the parallel projects will cross-inform the two projects outside public review and inappropriately influence outcomes of each."



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