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Alerting you to a discussion on the Almanac Town Square

From: domainremoved <Kate>
Date: Sun, 5 Jun 2016 05:57:42 +0000 (UTC)

Dear Council members;
For what it's worth, I wanted to your attention to some posts within the comments section of an Almanac article entitled "Planned felling of heritage trees at VA sparks outcry." As these things tend to do, the discussion has meandered, and a few commenters have begun discussing a SuperPac that's being funded for the purpose of lobbying directly to the State about increasing housing density in Menlo Park & Palo Alto; specifically, building high-rise apartments and condos. This makes for some alarming reading. Here are a few extracts:----------------------------------------------
I hope we can cut down more trees in order to build much needed dense housing in Menlo Park. I have invested in a local SuperPac that has so far raised over 10 million and is about to start lobbying hard for high rise apartment and condos in the Palo Alto / Menlo Park areas.

Great progress to be made here and I hope we can really transform the city into a world class metropolis.
----------------------------------------------I am working with a lot of developers that would like to purchase single family homes around Menlo Park and convert those into multi family multi story dwellings. We are also forming a PAC and have significant support from the tech and VC community. Lot's of visionary people that have recently moved into Menlo Park and can't wait to disrupt and bring forth progress and development.
----------------------------------------------Let's not forget it has been cities like Palo Alto and Menlo Park that have been totally irresponsible in their land use decisions. Zoning for office space and adding tens of thousands of new jobs while adding zero housing. This has caused increased traffic, increased east and south bay sprawl, and people that are now commuting in from far flung places. It is much easier to build new housing that is close to jobs than it is to build out some transit system that will take 15 years to complete.

We are finally starting to see change now though that housing is hurting everyone's bottom line and that we have a new generation of people moving into these communities that are not afraid of immigrants (both domestic and foreign) and that are more open minded and tolerant.

Jerome, the strategy at my company has been to go above local city government and lobby for state wide measures. My Chief Policy Officer went to Sacramento to help lobby for the state's new "as of right" housing law and we are working with state government on new ideas to take land use and zoning decisions away from local governments and put them into the hands of regional bodies.
Received on Sat Jun 04 2016 - 23:04:04 PDT

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