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Emergency action required - Old-growth Oaks and Heritage Trees, VA property on Willow Road in Menlo Park

From: domainremoved <"robirdbrn_at_>
Date: Fri, 27 May 2016 16:25:57 -0400

To Whom It Concerns,,

   This was posted on NextDoor, in Menlo Park,


As part of the ongoing work being done at the VA property on Willow Road in Menlo Park, they are creating a recreational area that will require additional roads and parking lots. Unfortunately, those plans including cutting down more than a dozen huge, old-growth oaks and heritage trees to do so. Happening in the next few days or so.

This is not for buildings -- it's for recreation. The property abuts Menlo Oaks and residents along Berkeley will certainly be impacted by this. The VA has not included the City of Menlo Park or the County of San Mateo in their planning decisions. Oaks are indigenous to our area, drought resistant and provide shade along with filtering particulates out of the air which is very important in a location so close to 101. Please let the VA and the City of Menlo Park know you object. Contact the MP City Council at city.council_at_(domainremoved)


This is insane... we need to keep every tree we can , we are losing so much to the drought. Then, if it will be for recreation, they will end up plant New trees for shade etc.. WHY CAN HUMANS NOT UNDERSTAND, IT TAKES 20-120 YRS TO GROW GOOD HEALTHY TREES FOR FILTERING OUR AIR (AND ARE WE NOT BECOMING MORE CONGESTED) keeping OUR SOIL CLEAN ( YES, ROOTS CLEAN POLLUTION, LIKE YOU CANNOT BELIEVE), Noise [pollution is cut tremendously, where will the few Owl, Bats, live then? The rats populations already at a high... all our defenses are being annihilated, poisons and cut down the tall trees.NEW GROWTH TREES ARE NOT AS GOOD, AS OLD GROWTH. We must protect them.

Put your road, paths around the trees, you don't have to design it "Your" way, Human, Get your EGO out of OUR Futures...Design around the trees! Oaks do not like alot of water, plantings around them, be Smart.

Then we have the idiots( yes, I am going there) who, cut them down and send the wood to the dump, instead of hiring a company that can cut them into planks, so it can be used for building,- then we have those that buy, - and dump, or build something( ex. a new building) a company comes in for a year, and then sell, tear it out, throw all the wood into the dump, then build a new "look'. iN Eu AND MANY OTHER cOUNTRIES, YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED TO KEEP TEARING DOWN AND BUILDING NEW... yOU CAN REPLACE AND FIX. tHINK ABOUT PROTECTING our rESOURCES, GLUTTONY IS DESTROYING, NOT WORKING IN Harmony.
Wasteful idiotic Human Beings, Pay attention, Menlo Park, P.A. Council Members, Government Humans- just look at Europe, and quite a bit of Central and So.American, that decimated their trees and haven't been able to recuperate... I guess we just want to race to the bottom and then figure it out?
Oh yeah, its because we Humans do not want to be inconvenienced by Mother Nature, instant gratification, REALLY ? USE THE BRAINS WE WERE SUPPOSEDLY GIVEN, FOLKS. Stop going through your days half asleep, WAKEY WAKEY, ... what will Our Childrens future be like, if we just ignore everything that is going on.
Try a great Native American thought process, for once ,... Before I make any important decisions, I need to consider how it might affect the next 7 generations ....
So sorry I had to put negatives thoughts out there, for all you that think we should only speak or act upon positive, vibes and energies... You cannot bury your heads and do nothing while those that are DOING, major idiotic as well as what is known to be wrong things, continue to thrive. It is in the DOING, not the wishing and hoping. Grow up to reality and take care of business.. as in take care of what we have, and improve on that ( not gouge and destroy for "comfort' and profit). And sometimes it isn't comfortable and pretty, that's all a smoke screen, rose colored glasses, and does not work in the long run.
Maybe this should be a petition, to tell those in Control, STOP and think .... Call and or write to the Council. Call the M.P. Arborist and tell him to step in. It is part of his job, do it. I am e-mailing this to the City of M.P. Council. and the Almanac.


SINCERELY, Janice Savage 650 322 3774
Received on Fri May 27 2016 - 13:32:01 PDT

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