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Re: Cuckoo's Nest Club, LLC/68 Willow Road - Use Permit application

From: domainremoved <Mark>
Date: Thu, 28 Apr 2016 22:10:13 -0700

On Thu, Apr 28, 2016 at 10:07 PM, Mark & Mark <mariamark_at_(domainremoved)

> Dear Kyle,
> We are writing to you to register our input regarding Cuckoo’s Nest permit
> application for 68 Willow Rd., Menlo Park.
> This application to serve food and alcoholic beverages is inconsistent
> with the existing residential, and restricted commercial, zoning of this
> area.
> The Cuckoo's Nest have already begun hosting events and they advertise on
> their website that they will be hosting regular live music and frequent
> banquets events. The events that have taken place so far, have had a huge
> affect on the traffic and parking in and around our neighborhood, as the
> limited onsite parking at 68 Willow Rd can not accommodate the number of
> guests at these events, which results in guests parking on both Willow Rd
> and on our street Paulson Circle.
> We deliberately chose to move out of San Francisco city, to Menlo Park, to
> avoid having to live near a bar or event location and suffer the excessive
> noise from amplified music and drunken crowds at the end of the evening.
> Our community is a family development with many young children. During the
> spring and summer months the children of the neighborhood play catch and
> other games on our street. We also walk to both downtown Palo Alto and
> Menlo Park for dinner with young children. If the Cuckoo's Nest were
> allowed to host events with amplified music and alcohol, it will have a
> huge impact on our community life, as parents will not feel safe having
> children play on the streets if there is the potential of drunk drivers.
> We also implore the city of Menlo Park to be respectful of our neighbors
> on the other side of the creek, in Palo Alto, who will also be directly
> impacted if this application were to be approved.
> The city of Menlo Park has undertaken an extensive city planning exercise,
> involving the members of the community, which makes provisions for bars,
> restaurants and clubs that are not in/near residential zones. If the
> Cuckoo’s Nest wishes to pursue such an endeavor they should do so within
> the zoning framework.
> We strongly recommend you deny Cuckoo’s Nest permit application to convert
> 68 Willow Rd., Menlo Park to an event facility, restaurant and bar.
> Your sincerely,
> Mark & Maria Clark
Received on Thu Apr 28 2016 - 22:15:50 PDT

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