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Cuckoo's Nest Club

From: domainremoved <Andrew>
Date: Tue, 26 Apr 2016 19:41:17 -0700

Dear Mr. McIntyre,

I strongly object to the approval of a conditional use permit for the Cuckoo's Next Club at 68 Willow Road in Menlo Park. I live in Downtown North Palo Alto, very near the club, and have endured the loud and amplified events since the club was started. They've held disruptive events, including a comedian using profane language, which could be heard by local families throughout the evening. Recently on Sunday April 25, the club had a large BBQ which billowed tremendous amounts of smoke across the creek into neighbor's yards. The neighbors have registered complaints with both the Menlo Park Police and Fire Departments, and Palo Alto residents have had to endure the loud clanging of trash pick-up during early morning hours because of the extra trash and recycling generated by those events. This is totally unacceptable and not conducive to the otherwise peaceful Palo Alto and Menlo Park neighborhoods that are affected.

There are more appropriate locations for a club/bar than in a quiet residential setting. It is interfering with the neighborhood's peaceful enjoyment in North Palo Alto. I strongly encourage the city to reconsider a more appropriate location for this business. If the club is granted a permit, the surrounding neighbors will likely consider legal action.

Andrew Gottlieb
North Palo Alto resident
Received on Tue Apr 26 2016 - 19:47:40 PDT

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