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support for Meg-McGraw Scherer (Housing Commissioner applicant)

From: domainremoved <NV>
Date: Tue, 12 Apr 2016 08:58:55 -0700

Dear Mayor Cline and Members of the City Council,

I want to convey my support for Meg McGraw-Scherer as a Housing
Commissioner. Meg is a statewide housing expert and has trained
generations of project managers (before and after me) to understand the
complexities of building housing. Her day job is as a financial consultant
to some of the Bay Area’s best affordable housing sponsors (but not MidPen)
and other governmental agencies/jurisdictions.

About CHPC: http://chpc.net/about-us/

About Meg: http://chpc.net/team/meg-mcgraw-scherer/

Last year I attended a fabulous—very thorough and informative—training
workshop that she hosted about an exciting new program for financing
affordable housing for Veterans. Darcy Palmer, the project manager for
CORE’s Willow Housing project, was also in attendance as her trainings are
a great resource for the industry. In addition to this program, CHPC has
been at the table refining the Affordable Housing & Sustainable Communities
(“AHSC” or “Cap & Trade”) program, a permanent source for affordable
housing and transit improvements, so that it will work for communities in
the Bay Area. This speaks to Meg understanding some of the broader, more
regional issues about how housing, transportation and jobs are linked
together, and where funding that could help alleviate the pressures from
economic growth is headed.

Lastly, in March the Housing and Planning Commissions reviewed the 2015
report on the Housing Element. It highlights that there is *much to do* to
address regional housing needs at every income level until "above

Thank you for your consideration of Meg McGraw-Scherer.


Nevada V. Merriman

329 McKendry Drive

Menlo Park
Received on Tue Apr 12 2016 - 09:04:43 PDT

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