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Intelligent concern for workers' retirement.

From: domainremoved <Stephanie>
Date: Tue, 12 Jan 2016 21:50:36 -0500

Congratulations on giving priority to health insurance over money compensation, because the health finance system has been set up so that it takes control of the health insurance out of the hands of the workers and employers and gives it to the financial sector as a concession (monopoly) so as to keep increasing the cost of health care, hence putting more money into the economy, ostensibly to make more jobs (except they make the jobs overseas.).Here's what happened to me:
In 1885, when the Industrial Revolution reached Germany, Bismarck saw the clear possibility that employers could bring workers from the farm to town, where they would ultimately become a charge on the city because they were never going to make enough money to save up for such things as hospitalization. He mandated that employers set aside money for human needs, i.e. medical etc. Nearly 60 years later, FDR though that was a good idea, especially the payroll tax part but instead of.buying the workers and employers a kind of health annuity,(as you just did) he used it to help the terrible unemployment. Government did not tax itself for this worker benefit, although, when the entire economy was directed into the war effort, they paid the ship and munitions employers to pay doctors to care for the workers, as employers had in the 19th century.

The Office of Personnel Management was directed to set up health insurance for the government workers, with private insurance brokers. Of course, the government could have self-insured, like other big enterprises, but it preferred to give a subsidy to the finance industry, sort of like air mail? and it gave workers incentive to join up by making employer provided health insurance not taxable, but insurance the worker bought out of his wages, taxable. Limiting the social insurance to retirement is unfair, because the workers who don't get health care while alive don't live till 65 and get nothing. but the winners with their retirement health subsidized, live on continuing to pay into the health industry (and the insurance companies) longer and longer, through Medicare, but federal employees didn't pay into SS, so they don't pay into (or get) Medicare.Note that the government did not "make" the workers or employers buy health insurance, but they made it impossible not to buy it because they poured taxpayers' money (including poor payroll taxpayers) into development and did not make it possible for the employers and workers to combine and get lower rates by economy of scale--which we now call "single payer", because the mere proliferation of insurance companies, (in addition to what they skimmed off the top), made it harder to make a living from the practice of medicine.
My husband's pension was determined by his GS rank, but he was directed to stipulate what amount, out of it, should go to me after he died.
He chose just enough to pay for my health insurance, because my housing cost was controlled by Prop 13 and I had no other essential needs. But after his death, when the health costs got so high--as they had set up to happen so as to inflate the stock market!!--they told me--"Oh, sorry, you have to pay this health insurance by yourself." Actually, they didn't say anything about sorry. Which I think is egregious mismanagement.
So that is the abuse you have saved your employees from.Congratulation on your caring and your good sense.
Stephanie Munoz 101 Alma, apt 701 Palo Alto 94301
ps it would save the state and counties and cities lots of money if they could make the federal government allow us to have single payer, because, as it is, the feds take the money that was invented to save the cities from the burden of sick paupers, but the cities get stuck with the bill for the sick paupers. Which gets higher and higher. Note that the ACA does end some of the most outrageous abuses but still leaves in place the original abuse of depriving the workers of the health system they are paying for.
Received on Tue Jan 12 2016 - 18:54:40 PST

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