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Ravenswood/Alma Crosswalk/Intersection

From: domainremoved <Allison>
Date: Mon, 30 Nov 2015 21:01:31 -0800

Members of the City Council, Transportation Commission and Planning

We have written a few emails over the last 6 months regarding the median on
Ravenswood Ave. It was a hasty response to one driver not paying attention
and sadly, being hit by the train last year. We have expressed our concerns
over the last several months with the increased traffic this has caused, as
well as the increased danger to pedestrians and bicyclists in the crosswalk
and near the intersection, which is right outside our door.

This increased danger became a reality on November 13th when a boy in the
crosswalk was hit by a car. In 19 years of AXIS, we have never seen this
happen. As with other accidents near the intersection, we were again, the
first responders. We brought the boy into the gym, called 911, called his
mom, and administered first aid. We received a very nice letter from him
afterwards in which he says,"After I was hit, some employees came and
helped me up and brought me inside to sit down and clean my wounds. They
even called the paramedics and the police to make sure I was okay. I am
writing this letter to thank them for the care they gave me and I am
forever grateful."

Luckily this boy did not suffer life-threatening or serious injuries, but
this is a prime example of how the crosswalk has become much more dangerous
than ever before. We implore you to consider removing the median as soon as
possible. Preventing the left turns onto Alma has seemed to not only
increase traffic, but also increase the speed of traffic down Ravenswood,
therefore making the crosswalk more dangerous than before.

The suggestion has been made to put a traffic light at the Ravenswood/Alma
intersection which seems like a very viable option. At the Planning
Commission meeting last month there was a suggestion that the cash payment
from Lane Partners for the new building to be built at 1020 Alma St, be
earmarked for improvements to the intersection. This public benefit payment
of approximately $186,000 should be used to make that intersection safer,
not to go into the general fund.

We hope you will take into consideration the recent pedestrian being hit
and remove the median. We also encourage you to consider the option of
putting the money from Lane Partners towards a traffic light at the
intersection. This would allow traffic to flow freely to and from Alma St,
which will be more crucial during construction as well as once the building
is occupied. The light would provide safety for pedestrians, bicyclists, as
well as motorists crossing the tracks.

We understand the last traffic commission meeting was canceled and would
like to know when a decision is going to be made as to whether or not to
remove the median. This was supposed to be a 6 month trial and we're
nearing the end of the 6 months.

We appreciate your time and consideration.

Scott Norton
AXIS Personal Trainers

Allison Allen
Managing Director
AXIS Personal Trainers
Received on Mon Nov 30 2015 - 21:03:59 PST

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