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Menlo Park Bike Network Improvements

From: domainremoved <dana>
Date: Wed, 11 Nov 2015 20:31:43 -0800


This is an update on the design of a possible *safe, convenient and
comfortable east-west bike corridor for Menlo Park..*

Two very different approaches were submitted to the planning commissions
and City Council during the past 30 days.

   - The Bike Commission has developed a design that centers on Oak Grove
   Avenue and adds *buffered bike lanes* like those that already exist on
   Santa Cruz Avenue.

Bike Commission Presentation <http://bit.ly/mpbikeinitiative>

Article in the Almanac

   - Re-Imagine Menlo Park has developed a design that centers on Menlo and
   Ravenswood Avenues and adds *protected bike lanes* on Menlo Avenue,
a *visible
   crossing *of El Camino Real and a physically separate *bike path*
   near Ravenswood.

Re-Imagine Menlo Park Proposal <http://bit.ly/bikecorridorproposal>

Article in The Almanac

I hope our city will have a well-respected bike network consultant help it
rigorously evaluate the likely benefits, costs and impacts of each design,
select one, improve it, and implement the chosen one in 2016,

I encourage all residents to become well-informed, assess the trade-offs
and express your views to our city government, Regardless of whether you
are a bicyclist, motorist, business owner, or a pedestrian you WILL be
impacted by significant investments in the Menlo Park Bike Network. These
are long overdue so let's to the most needed and best first!

To that end, I will continue to report on the City's progress and provide
additional information that could be valuable to you as you form your own
opinions and provide feedback to our city commissions and City Council.

If you have any questions, please send them to me, and if they are of
general interest, I will post them along with my answers in a frequently
asked questions (FAQ) area on the Re-Imagine Menlo Park website.

This month I will supply a side-by-side comparison of these two options and
request your feedback.

Although you might be very busy, your views still matter. Voice them!


Dana Hendrickson

*Re-Imagine Menlo Park*

*Let’s Build A Beautiful And Vibrant Place To Live.*

Received on Wed Nov 11 2015 - 20:33:38 PST

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