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Historic Menlo Park Tree - Soon To Be Sawdust

From: domainremoved <Jim>
Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2015 12:25:41 -0500

Honorable Mayor and Council Members:

When is the life of a tree - worth saving?

Who decides? Who should decide? Should the Menlo Park - Heritage Tree Ordinance and related topics be revisited?
Who cares? Should we care?

These and many other questions about the Menlo Park's urban forest may never have been more important to ask, than it is today. An historic draught has, is taking, and may continue to take an historic amount of the trees within the City.
Does this matter? What value do trees bring to a city, and to its residents anyway?

Within a week or two, a tree in Nealon Park that began over 200 years ago is scheduled to come down. The tree in question is a judgment call. With some tender loving care (TLC), it may live for another 200 years. A day's work with a chain saw will soon
decide its fate by making that decision. The tree will be gone - forever. Two centuries of memories, two centuries of providing shade, food and comfort will soon become a distant memory.

Obviously it is less time consuming to "shoot the horse", than to try to nurse it back to good health. The fate of this tree has roots into its city's values.

You may wish to place on your agenda the topic of the fate of the urban forest. It is not only a topic of those that love nature, but also to the Menlo Park Fire Protection District (MPFPD) and others. If you are laughing that this is a silly topic, then close this file and move on to other topics. If not, I invite you to review the subject and see what's ahead, with some foresight.

Thank you for your time and consideration.
Received on Mon Nov 09 2015 - 09:27:35 PST

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