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Nealon Dog Park relocation

From: domainremoved <Alison>
Date: Thu, 5 Nov 2015 21:21:11 -0800

Hi Menlo Park City Council,

I am a six year resident of Menlo Park, recently purchasing a house on Live
Oak last year, and living on Oak Lane for 4 years. My husband and my
infant son (9 months) regularly visit Nealon park, basically everyday. We
sit on the grass with a blanket, we play on the playground, and on some
mornings go to the 8-10am baseball field to watch the dogs. We don't have
a dog, but love them, and our little boy likes to watch them.

I do not want the grassy area currently in between Little House and the
playground to become a dog park. I sadly cannot make the Nov 10th meeting
so wanted to voice my concerns in this email. I see those dogs at the
baseball field in the morning- they are very active, and groups of them run
around together- sometimes running into us. They need that large space to
run very fast, but let's face it, they sometimes disregard people. Don't
get me wrong, I like dogs, but I believe the grassy area in question should
be kept the way it is- for families, the elderly, small children,
picnic-ers. Having dogs run around with their droppings and chaos will
make that area unsafe for young families like ours. Having it fenced in
would change the dynamic, change the use, and be confining. I currently
hold my little boy's hands on the Nealon grass, teaching him to walk. I
would really rather not be on the lookout for off-leash dogs while I'm
doing so. I hope the Council can find other alternatives.

Thank you,
Alison Wong
742 Live Oak
Received on Thu Nov 05 2015 - 21:22:56 PST

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