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1010-1026 Alma St Project/Ravenswood Median

From: domainremoved <Allison>
Date: Sun, 18 Oct 2015 19:07:30 -0700

Members of the City Council, Transportation Commission and Planning

We have had a very successful business on the corner of Ravenswood and Alma
for over 19 years. We have paid huge sums of taxes over the years and have
been a big part of the community, supporting the local schools as well as
City events. We have given many people opportunities for
great careers where they can support themselves and their families in one
of the most expensive places in the country to live. AXIS continues to be a
wonderful Menlo Park business. It is our hope we can have a long and
prosperous future at this location.

We are very concerned with the median on Ravenswood that now blocks all
left turns
to Alma St, Alma Alley and Noel. This has been a disaster for traffic and
business. Not only has it made it more difficult to access our business, it
has made traffic worse and the intersection more dangerous than ever,
mainly for pedestrians. This trial was put in place based on one car
driving westbound who was struck by the train. The median would not have
changed the outcome of that accident. A single incident in 19 years should
not impact our business or other businesses in the area that drive revenue
for the City of Menlo Park.

Removing the barrier on the Ravenswood Ave/Alma St southbound corner was a
great decision, as it was dangerous and caused more problems. Now the
community can reach the library, pool and other burgess/Menlo Park venues
as well as neighborhoods, safely.

With the impending approval of a large office space on Alma St, with
underground parking access on Alma Alley, we are concerned how this area
will be impacted if the median is not removed. We were very supportive of
this project in the beginning and feel it would be beneficial to bring more
life to this area of the City. It will bring a significant increase in auto
and pedestrian traffic and if the median becomes a permanent fixture, that
will be a huge problem. The area will be more congested and dangerous. During
construction, we personally would be impacted on all sides of our business
for the next few years.

We hope you will seriously consider the negative ramifications of keeping
this median in place. We are in favor of this new development if the median
is removed to allow traffic to flow more freely and to keep pedestrians and
cyclists safer. Let's bring more life to this area of Menlo Park by
removing the median, allowing this construction to move forward, and
finally adding a traffic light at Ravenswood Ave and Alma St to increase
safety and regulate traffic flow in our neighborhood.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Scott Norton
AXIS Personal Trainers

Allison Allen
Managing Director
AXIS Personal Trainers
Received on Sun Oct 18 2015 - 19:08:53 PDT

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