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Petition for More Outreach By 64 Menlo Park residents

From: domainremoved <Perla>
Date: Tue, 16 Jun 2015 17:30:00 -0700

Dear City Council Members,

We respectfully present this petition signed by 64 Menlo Park residents

Provide More Outreach on Proposed Increased Development

We support the city council in its efforts to create a long overdue update
of the general plan.

However, we are concerned about inadequate outreach to the residents of
Menlo Park beyond Belle Haven about the level of both residential and
non-residential development anticipated.

We urge the Council to conduct more effective outreach to the entire
community about changes now being proposed for the General Plan. Such
outreach should include interactive study sessions with the staff,
consultants, and council members with the opportunity for participants to
ask questions and receive answers.

Questions to be addressed include how much residential and non-residential
property currently exists in our city, how much of each has been approved
and is in the pipeline how much could be built under current zoning, and
how much added residential and non-residential development is anticipated
in the revised General Plan. We need concrete numbers that allow us to
envision the impact of population and job growth on our quality of life.


Submitted by,

Perla Ni
Kimberly Harris
Lynore Banchoff
Jenny Sullivan
Rob Swigart
Sharon Bozxo
Victor Kliorin
Rene Revueltas
Lloyd Leanse
Mary Walsh
Kathleen Djordjevich
Morris Brown
Carl Treadwell
Robert Ekedahl
Darshana Maya Greenfield
Ana Thompson
Ann Vosti
Marcia Bever
Anne Holmes
Mark Tuschman
Teresa Bergin
David Bogart
Michele Lamarre
Mali Einen
Connor O'Brien
Thomas Guttesen
Martha Morey
John Duhig
mason brutschy
Tamara Gurbis
Anna Hall
Christopher Nelson
Eric Humphriss
Nicholas Pekelsma
Ross Wilson
Judy Rocchio
Eliza Thomas
kathy schoendorf
A. Lee
Ron Peterson
Jeanne DuPrau
Roger Crawley
Robert Spiegelman
Lisa de Avila
Mike Lanza
donnasue jacobi
Janel Hopper
Gary Jose
J Ellen Berryhill
Lynne McClure
Bill Lamkin
Herbert Stone
peggy stretch
Court Skinner
Don Barnby
Paula Berka
Lori Heyman
Betsy Nash
Patrick Daly
Judy Adams
Carolyn Hitchcock
susan bird
James Madison
Kate Ague
Sharyn Crosat
Received on Tue Jun 16 2015 - 17:27:04 PDT

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